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Cake Menu

Order a custom cake in three easy steps!
1.  Choose a size and shape
2.  Choose a flavor and options
3.  Choose a design

1.  Choose a size and shape
Price includes standard decoration and butter cream frosting. Number of servings may vary.
Additional 50% charge on all dietary restriction cakes. (Gluten free, Dairy free, Suger free and Vegan)

  Sheet Cakes     Standard price     # of 2x2 or 2x3 servings     Options (Each)  
Quarter $42 16-24 $4
Half $56 36-54 $6
Full $82 60-96 $8

  Double Layer Cakes     Round     Square     Options (Each)  
6 inch   $32 serves 6-8   N/A $2
8 inch   $38 serves 8-12     $32 serves 10-14   $4
10 inch   $44 serves 16-20     $52 serves 18-25   $6

  Stacked Cakes     Round     Square     Options (Each)  
  Two Tier: 6 inch and 10 inch     $109 serves 26     $119 serves 34   $8

2.  Choose a flavor and options

Cake Flavors

  Lemon     Marble/Swirl     Red Velvet     Carrot  
  German Chocolate     Almond     Banana     Cherry  
  Funfetti     Yellow     Spice      

GF-Gluten Free, V-Vegan, Free Vegan, SF-Sugar Free

*Filling Options

  Strawberry*     Raspberry*     Lemon     Ganache  
  Bavarian     Cream Cheese     Cherry     Chocolate Mousse  

*Additional 50% charge for seasonal fresh fruit. (if requested)

Frosting Options

  Buttercream(free)     Cream Cheese     Chocolate     Whipped Cream  
  Raspberry     Strawberry     Lemon     Peanut Butter  
  Mint     German Chocolate     Rolled Fondant*     Mocha  

*Additional 50% to cost.

3.  Choose a Design

Standard design options

  Flowers     Polka Dots     Balloons     Stars  
  Stripes     Scroll     Swirls     Sprinkles  

Choose a design or theme form our album or bring your own.*
*Additional charges may apply.

That's it! The hardest part was deciding.

7773 Coldwater Road
260 338-2688
Monday - Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: closed